Clients may think that Locksmith services are Expensive

You must show that you are not helpless at all. You should make it clear to them that their offer will be rejected if not reasonably priced. Leaving aside the canny ones, generally only a small fraction of the whole locksmith industry, many of them are justified enough to demand the proper charges for the services they provide.

There could be the same number of reasons for the same. The Miami locksmiths are among the few specialists in the area who are capable enough to provide quality locksmith services. A needless amount of money could have been spent to purchasing the tools and equipment for this purpose.

The Miami locksmiths could also be spending money in attending the seminars or orientation classes for the new locking systems available. They might also be more capable, more skilled and more knowledgeable in opening the locks without giving damage to the other articles. Thus, they might charge more for the services due to their experience, investments, expertise and efficient work. 

Thus, the clients need to make an opinion regarding what could be considered a reasonable and fair price for the services, whether if the situation is an emergency or not. One may also ask for the charges demanded by the locksmiths from other clients in the surrounding area or simply choose a trusted locksmith by the neighbours or friends.